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سورس برنامه ی معروف برج هانوی البته بصورت تکستی و غیر ویژوال که طرز کار آن از شکل بالا پیداست.

سورس برنامه

Sepehr Mohammad

Algorithmic solution is as follows

1)  if TopN==1, move the single disc from A to C and stop.
2)  Move the top n-1 discs from A to B, using C as Inter.
3)  Move the remaining disc from A to C.
4)  Move the n-1 discs from B to C, using A as destination(dest).

#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

void tower(int,char,char,char); /*prototype*/
int main()
    int ndisk;
    cout<<"\n Enter number of disks <<<::: ";
    tower(ndisk,'A','B','C');  /*Calling Function*/
    return 0;

} /* End of program */


// src = Source | aux = Auxiliry | dest = Destination
void tower(int topN, char src,char aux,char dest)
    if(topN == 1)
            cout<<"\n Disk 1 from "<<src<<" to "<<dest;
        tower(topN-1,src,dest,aux); //src to aux
        cout<<"\n Disk "<<topN<<" from "<<src<<" to "<<dest;
        tower(topN-1,aux,src,dest); //aux to dest